About Us


Art and Craft material supply warehouse and retail. Wide range of craft supplies, hard to find tools and equipment on display.

Since 1985 having encountered difficulties in sourcing craft materials, our passion in crafts established Multifilla (M) Sdn. Bhd. now the leading art and craft materials supply warehouse in Malaysia. We stock a wide range of materials, tools and equipment for all crafts with many hard-to-find items for craftsmen to spend hours in shopping. We welcome walk-in craftsmen, amateurs and professionals, or mail orders local and overseas. Knowledgeable friendly service and fast deliveries.

Acrylic Craft, Air Dry Clay Craft, Airbrushing, Alcohol Ink and Dye, Alginate Craft, Annealing Hardening Tempering, Antique Collector’s Tools, Aquascaping, Automata, Bandsawing, Batik Craft, Beading, Beauty Crafts, Bentonite Clay, Blackismithing, Block Printing, Bonsai, Book Binding, Bow & Arrow crafting, Book Crafting, Brushes, Buckles, Burlap Crafts, Calligraphy, Candle Craft and Oil Lamps, Card Making, Carnauba Wax, Carving Tools, Casteline, Ceramic & Kilns, Chainsaw Carving, Chalk Paint, Chasing, Citric Acid, Clamp and Straps, Cleaning & Craft Chemicals, Clock & Watches tools, Cordage, Cosplay & Props, Craft Books, Crystals & Stones, Cutting Boards, Cutting Tools & Bits, Decoupage, Diatomaceous Earth, Diorama, Display, Distilling, DIY Decal, Drawing, Drilling, Egg Craft, Electroplating, Embossing and Tooling, Encaustic Art, Engraving, Epsom Salt, Eva Foams, Expanding Foams, Extruder, Fabric Craft, Fibreglass, Fibre Craft, Fire Piston, Fishing Craft, Flexwax & Wax, Floral Craft, Food Styling, Foundry/Forge, Framing & Mounting, Furniture Restoration, Garden craft, Gelatine, Geli Plate & Prints, Glass Etching, Glass Fusing, Glass Painting, Glaze formulation, Glycerin, Gold Gilding, H2O Covercoat Varnish, Handmade Paper, Handsanitizer formulation,  HB2 Clay Craft, Henna Art, Hot Knife, Hydro Dip, Ice Dying, Industrial Styling Clay Craft, Inkodye, Inlay, Kitchen Crafts, Knife Making, Leathercraft, Lost Foam Casting, Lost Wax Casting, Mask Crafting, MDF Crafts, Metal & Jewellery Crafts, Metal & Casting Finishing, Metal Etching, Metal Forming, Micarta, Miniature Modelling, Model Printing, Mold Release, Metal stamping, Molding & Casting, Mosaic, Natural Dye, Natural Resources Craft, Needle Felting, Orgonite Craft, Oyumaru, Packaging, Painting & Stenciling, Painting & Decoration, Paper & Fabric Marbling, Paper Cutting, Paper Quilling, Paper Craft & Papier Mache, Parchment Craft, Pen Crafting, Photo Transfer, Pipe Crafting, Piston Fire Starter, Plaster Bandage Crafts, Plaster Craft, Polishing & Finishing, Polymer Clay, Popsicle Crafts, Porcelain Clay Craft, Premix Mortar DIY, Pressure Casting, Print making, Printing, Product Designing,  PVC Art Craft, Refractory, Resin Craft, Restored Tools, Reusable Molds, Rock Painting, Rubbing Alcohol, Rural Crafts, Rustic Art Crafts, Sand Art, Sand Blasting, Sand Casting, Sand castle building, Sanding, Scale Modelling, Scroll Sawing, Sculpting Wire Crafts, Sculpture, Seal carving, Sharpening, Shealth & Scabbard, Shell Craft, Shoe Crafting, Shrink Plastic Craft, Silk Screening, Slip Casting, Soap Bomb, Soap Carving, Soap Making, Stain Glass, Staining, Stamping, Stone Carving, Survival Craft, Swirling & Paint Marbling, Taxidermy, Tea Bag Art, Temari, Terrarium, Thermoforming & Rotocasting, Tie Dye, Tiling, Tin Smith, Tool Making, Tools & Equipment, Tooth Picks Crafts, Turning, Utility Carving, Vacuum Casting & Sealing, Vacuum Forming,Veneer & Marquety, Vermiculture, Waste Wood Crafts, Water & Snow Effects, Wax Crafts, Weaving, Welding, Wire Craft, Wonderflex Craft, Wood Carving, Wood Craft, Wood Dyeing, Wood Forming, Wood Restoration, Wood Stabilizing


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