• 2408224082

    Proxxon Die Holder with Dies (24082)

    Threading dies holder
  • 2402624026

    Proxxon Quick Change Tools Part PD 250/E (24026)
  • individual-quick-change-holders-for-pd-230_eindividual-quick-change-holders-for-pd-230_e

    Individual Tool Holder

    8mm x8mm x80mm cutting tool holder
  • 2402024020

    Proxxon Gear Chuck For PD 230/E (24020)

    Lathe jaw chuck,
  • 2415624156

    Proxxon Chip collecting tray with splash guard for the FD 150/E (24156)

    Mini lathe collection tray Size: 400mm (L) x 165mm (W) x 140mm (H)
  • 2891028910

    Proxxon Modeller’s Set of 13pcs

    Hobby combination bits.
  • 2800628006

    Proxxon Microfibre polishing wheel – 15-ply (100mm)

    Size: 100mm
  • 2800428004

    Proxxon Felt Cloth Polishing Disc (28004)

    Size: 100mm x 15mm
  • 2310023100

    Proxxon Special Set for Allen Screws 18pcs (23100)
  • 2400224002

    Proxxon Precision Lathe PD 250/E (24002)

    Below deck ship lathe, Studio lathe, Engineering school lathe
  • 2800828008

    Proxxon Universal Polishing Bar 80g (28008)

    Polishing compound, Size: 80g
  • 2800028000

    Proxxon Treated Muslin Polishing Wheel (100mm x 15mm)

    Buffing wheel, Size: 100mm x 15mm