10ml Squeeze Bottles – 10pcs & Plastic Funnel

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Bottle: 10ml
Funnel: Transparent plastic 5.5cm (diameter) x 5.5cm (Height)
Sprout 6mm (diameter) x 32mm (length)

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Practical handy soft HDPE plastic squeeze bottle with hollow needle 1.1mm diameter molded in the screw cap. Leak free with tight fitting soft silicon rubber cap on needle and a silicon rubber cap gasket. Set of 10 bottles with plastic funnel for filling bottles.

Many applications for these squeeze bottles. As a outliner with Velvet underglazes, glass stain colors infilling for bubble free stain glass, spot vacuuming air bubble, oiling bottle for fine machinery, dispensing color concentrates in resin castings, batik dye applicator, Superglue dispenser and more.


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