3 Layers Japanese Blade Blank

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Size: 80mm x 135mm x 3mm(T)

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This steel blank was hand forged in the traditional style from two or more layers of steel. The cutting edge layer (ie. the middle layer of the triple layered blades or the outer layer of the double layered blades) is made of high carbon tool steel ( C= approx.1.2%), is not alloyed and is practically void of impurities ( S<0.04%, P<0.02%). This high purity allows a very fine grained, matensitic steel structure which is responsible for the exceptional sharpness and edge holding ability of the steel. The blade is heat treated (hardened and tempered) to HRC 61. The tang is annealed. The outer layers are made of low carbon steel and give the blade its resilience. Blade is sharpened ready to use with fixing of a DIY handle. Maintain sharpness with Istor or fine grain whet stone. Keep dry and oil. Not rust free.

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