• DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paint

    RM 6.00 - RM 7.50 (1oz/29.6ml) RM 12.00 (2oz/59ml) Made in USA Assorted colors available
  • Luowei Air Compressor 3.0HP – 24L

    Pressure Tank Pump, Compressor Tank Capacity: 24L
  • Rothenberger Roairvac Vacuum Pump 6.0CFM

    Degasing pump, vacuum casting pump, vacuum drying, 2 stage vacuum pump Made in Germany
  • RT-20E Prona Pressure Tank 20L – 40psi

    Pressure Pot, Pressure Chamber, Pressure Casting
  • SMOOTH-ON Soma Foama 15 : 1.36kg – Flexible Platinum Silicone Foam

    Net Weight: 3 lbs. / 1.36 kg Read Technical Bulletin and MSDS before using available at:
  • Proxxon Angle Polisher WP/E 28660

    Please write in to to quote. View video info at:

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