Adjustable German Saw Frame without Tension Screw 2.5″

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Length: 21.5cm
Throat: 6.5cm

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Adjustable scroll saw to use different saw blade length in profile sawing of sheet materials. The saw is designed to utilise broken wire scroll saw blades prone to breakages. Minimum length usable is 6 cm. Ensure the blade is tautly fitted by first securing the blade to both clamp. Press the adjustable frame on the table to increase tension before tightening the retention frame screw. A well fitted and tensioned blade ensure good precision sawing. It helps to reduce friction in cutting with a liberal spray of silicon release agent to the blade and material. This helps to prolong blade lifespan.

Ideal saw for metal jewellery, plastic sign crafts, wood marquetry, jigsaw puzzle, or miniature crafts.

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