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Aerosil 200 fumed silica is a hydrophilic silica with specific surface area of 200m2/g. Wide application as a filler and thickener for paints, adhesives, silicon rubber, printing ink and even cosmetic formulation like tooth paste, balm and cream. In dry powders it is an anti caking agent and as a free flowing agent. A mild abrasive in tooth paste and plastic polish.

Much finer than colloidal silica it function effectively as rheology and thixotropic control in liquid system, binders and polymer resins like polyester and epoxies. In paints it function as anti settling, anti sagging and thickening. Silicon rubber, PU rubber and liquid latex are reinforced with aerosil fillers. Its hydrophilic and excellent hydroscopic absorption properties helps in retaining scent in soap, candles, body powder and lotions creams. Absorbs liquid turning to powder. Readily convert essential oils into powder mixes like body powder and facial compact powder.

In plaster craft and cement castings its porosity assist to retain scent and fragrant as scented decorative display commonly known as aroma stone.

Not known as a carcinogen agent. Its fine free floating powder may cause some throat irritation and best wear a face mask when handling this material in well ventilated area.

Specific Surface Area (BET): 200m2/g
Tempered Density: 50g/l
Moisture Wt(%): 1.5
Ignition Loss Wt(%): 1
PH(%): 3.7-4.7
Sio2 Content W(%): 99.8
LOI: 1%
Color: White

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