Amaco Carving Wax 454g

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Net Weight: 16oz/1lb/454g

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Wax master sculptures for reproduction with this excellent carving medium AMACO Carving Wax can be sculpted right from the block as supplied. For large size or different proportion originals, melt one or more blocks in a double boiler and cast in a container which is slightly larger than the sculpture you want to create. Use a container that you can peel off from around the cast (cardboard box, soft plastic container and etc).

Let the wax harden, remove from form and start carving, Carved easily with simple tools or utensils. Sculpt details and intricacies not possible with any other medium. Finishes to an extremely smooth surface. To make corrections is the master sculpture, small additions can be made bu using shavings from sculpting. Simply heat them, on a spatula or similar tool, over a Bunsen burner or candle, and apply as needed. After patch hardens, the excess can be removed and finished like the surface around it. Use finished piece as a mater to produce multiple copies of the same sculpture by making mold from it in plaster (or other material depending upon medium to be used for finished sculptures).


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