Amaco Flexwax 120


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Hand wax, casting wax, sculpture wax, molding wax, encaustic wax

1.13kg and 2.27kg

A product of AMACO USA

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Product Description

A low melting flexible wax for casting wax hands or use as a casting mold for plaster of paris, cement or as a casting wax in silicon rubber molds. Non friable microcrystalline formulation make ideal sculpting wax. Reusable indefinitely. Can be colored with wax dyes.

Perfect for making molds from three dimensional objects by simply melting, brushing it on, and allowing to harden. Molds made with Flexwax can be remelted and used again and again.
Flexwax is AP Non-Toxic.
This versatile mold making material is easy to use — simply melt it then brush it on. Ideal for use with three dimensional objects, making face masks, casting hands, etc. At room temperature, the mold is moderately flexible, so you can allow some shallow undercuts without any problem.

Not for use by children unless fully supervised. Since this a low melting wax, adults should make sure the temperature does not exceed 120°F (49°C) at any time. For fast setting of multiple dips, alternate dipping in ice water and hot wax. Wipe dry water before wax dip.

Suitable for Smooth cast Polyurethane (PU) casting series.


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1.13kg, 2.27kg