Amaco PolyCutters


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Origin: USA

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PolyCutters let you incorporate variety of geometric, flower, heart and leaf shapes into your polymer clay wearable art projects. They’re as easy to use as cookie cutters and allow you to create perfect shapes every time without having to cut them out with scissors.

For use with Friendly Plastic

For flat shapes (which could be shaped later), heat water to 140°F to 150°F (60°C – 66°C). Soften Friendly Plastic stick(s) colored side up until it starts to soften (15-20 seconds). Take it out and place on a flat, non-stick surface, metallic or colored side facing up. Immediately place a PolyCutter at least 3/8″ from the edge. Press down until it goes completely through the Friendly Plastic. Allow piece to cool or place back in warm water to re-shape.

For dimensional shapes, warm Friendly Plastic as described above. Take it out of water and immediately press metallic or colored side of the stick into the PolyCutter with finger. While still pressing Friendly Plastic into the PolyCutter, lower both into cold water until thoroughly cold. NOTE: For larger PolyCutters, use a pad or towel between your finger and the plastic to distribute the pressure against the plastic more evenly.

Remove Friendly Plastic from PolyCutter and trim excess Friendly Plastic using strong, sharp scissors or an X-Acto knife. Since PolyCutters are open on both sides, it’s easy to make matching left and right earrings or use the matching shapes with various colors to create your design.

For use with Polymer Clays

Condition polymer clay by kneading with your hands and softener until soft and pliable. Blend additional colors together if desired. Place softened clay on a flat, non-stick work surface and roll out flat with a rolling pin, brayer or glass. You may also roll out clay through a pasta machine.

Place PolyCutter onto clay and press down until completely through the clay. Remove PolyCutter then gently pull excess clay away from cut shape. Decorate if desired, then place clay in oven and bake for 30 minutes at 265°F (129°C).

Similiar use to cut soap to cast decorative soap bars.


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