Animal Glue Granules (Cow Hide/Bone Glue) – 1kg

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Cow hide/bone glue. Glue from animal origin boiled from hides, bones extracted and processed into granules is a versatile glue that softens with heat. Elastic and hard glue, guitar and musical instrument makers prefer this over synthetic glue as repairs is easy with heating. Gold gilding as a base coat. Kite makers often coat kite strings with glass shards in kite supremacy competition. Favoured glue to construct traditional bamboo, wood, horn laminate composite bows in archery other than EA-40 a flexible epoxy resin. Book binding in leather cover and spine reinforcement. Coating of feather fletching binding in arrows Knife makers, wood sheath carvers and wood sculptors find animal glue easy to remove with application of heat.

To prepare glue pre soak in water, add water and double boil with constant stirring to melt. Glue viscosity based on water content to granules. Adding alum helps to preserve glue.

An organic glue increasingly hard to find. Durable to store in dry condition.

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