Sodium Base Bentonite Clay Powder


Quick Overview

25kg packing is available upon request.

Sizes: 1kg, 5kg and 25kg



A slick smooth sodium bentonite clay powder is a mild exfoliant, clay plasticizer and filler in soap. body soak for skin detoxification, skin hydration and moisturization. A natural body powder for rashes irritation.

Ceramic clay binder, plasticizer, thixotropic agent with Multifilla premix mortar.

Mix with washed sand as green sand in lost wax casting. Play pan sand castleĀ  sculptures to enhance plasticity and thioxtropy of sand. Sprinking water will rejuvernate dried sand plasticity.

To formulate wood filler with PVA or modelling glue.

In gardening soil mix to improve water retention properties particularly with sandy soil. Bentonite clay absorbs and retain water for slow release as a soil modifier. As seed bomb, embedded plants seeds with cocoapeat and vermicast compost the bentonite clay binder will gradually decomposes as the seeds germinate. Likewise enzemes mixed with clay and molded into bombs and thrown into polluted rivers will clear waters as the effective microbes are slowly released into flowing water.

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