Carnauba Wax Flakes T1 (Food Grade)


Quick Overview

Size: 500g and 2kg

Origin: Brazil




This vegetable base hard wearing wax is the purer form of T4 carnauba wax. It have many applications on its own or combined with various organic waxes like beewax, rice bran wax and soywax for cosmetics, organic candle casting, food coating,

T1 carnauba wax is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a tablet-coating agent. Adding the carnauba wax aids in the swallowing of tablets for patients. A very small amount (less than a hundredth of one percent by weight, i.e., 30 grams for a 300 kg batch) is sprinkled onto a batch of tablets after they have been sprayed and dried. The wax and tablets are then tumbled together for a few minutes before being discharged from the tablet-coating machine.

As food grade T1 carnauba wax is use to wax and preserve or polish wood chopping boards, wooden spoons, chopsticks and other food handling utensils.


Color: Light Yellow

Shape: Flake

Melting Point: 80°C – 86°C

Acid Value: 2mg – 7mg KOH/g

Ester Value: 71mg – 93mg KOH/g

Saponification Value: 78mg – 95mg KOH/g

Hard durable natural wax for polishing, coating, candle craft, investment casting, waterproofing, cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical.

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Weight N/A

500g, 2kg