Cast Iron Dual Worktop Surfaces Turntable

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Size: Top 29cm (dia) x Base 18cm (dia) x 8cm height.

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Top 29cm (dia) x Base 18cm (dia) x 8cm (H) this heavy stable dual surface cast iron turntable spins effortlessly on 2 smooth ball bearings. Both surfaces can be used. The momentum generated enables trimming of leather hard ceramics. Same goes for banding and strip painting. Both surfaces can be a work top. Its free spinning heavy cast iron work surface can be utilised for centrifugal casting in plastic and metal. Also spin lovely patterns with acrylics pouring art.

Heavy duty use in clay and cement sculpture, mold making and centrifugal spin casting.

Also available in similar size mild steel turntable much  lighter with lesser spinning momentum. Both models are designed and manufactured to last.


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