Chavant Clay – CM 50 Deaired 2.5lb (With Sulphur)

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Origin : Chavant USA.

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Industrial styling clay for car modelling. CM 50 by Chavant clay contains sulphur. Do not mold with silicon rubber as sulphur react with silicon rubber rendering the contact surface not setting. Mold with Plaster of Paris or conduct trial with Alginate. A medium hard clay. 92 lbs density /cubic ft. Specific gravity 1.47 g /cm3 for dimensional design modelling. Can be CNC milled, scanned, carved, extruded and slicked to smooth finish. Dimensionally stable, good adhesion, crack free and  seam free with good detailing. As final finish to remove finger prints, blemishes go over with heat gun to smoothen.

Reusable indefinitely and shrink free.

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