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Packing: 400g and 2 kg



Cocopeat is 100% natural coconut fibre coil waste and dust a by product in processing of husk into coir fibre. These spongy dust and short fibre absorb 8-9 times its weight in water and nutrients for slow release and aeration to plants roots. Ideal substitute for depleting natural peat in similar function.

Cocopeat is lightweight and commonly used in potting mix on its own or in combination with perlite. Planting medium with soil, vermicast, compost, perlite and cocopeat  is a proven planting soil mixture.

Processing neutral slightly acidic pH of 5-6 and easily verified with litmus paper and distilled water. This will not be a problem as its good drainage will soon leach any remaining salts.

Cocopeat used in vermiculture as moisture retaining together with perlite particles porosity are conducive to microbes propagation in an aerobic environment as worm food. Eradicate water logging and drowning of worms with its good drainage features. Also ideal as worm bedding and as a worm feed instead of paper that will be compacted under moist condition.

Its spongy nature and years of slow degradation will not cause soil compaction instead encouraging roots growth throughout its loose soil spaces. Harvesting too is easy for plants like peanuts, potatoes in loose soil. Perfect as soil amendment especially clayey soil with sand.

Crafts use in dioramas landscaping, tree foliage, bushes as can be painted and airbrushed. Prototyping and research use as fillers for disposable food utensils lightweight bricks, blocks or fire retardant ceiling panels and sound insulation partition. In dried form as puppets and taxidermy stuffing.

Cocopeat is supplied moist.

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