Decal Paper


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Size: 32cm x 45cm



Available in A3 clear DIY decal paper to laser print and transfer with H2O Covercoat Varnish. H2O Covercoat Varnish is a flexible water proof film that pick up prints for water slide transfer. H2O Covercoat Varnish best applied with a fan brush. Cut out print, dip in water, position decal and slide transfer print film. With squeeze remove any bubbles and let dry. Further protect decal with H2O Covercoat Varnish. As a soft flexible film, the H20 Covercoat Varnish will conform to any undulating surface without any curling at the edges or corners.

Ideal to laser print selfies for decoupage and photo transfer designs of your own. Need no mirror setting images or letters as what you print is what you would transfer.

Multifilla H2O Covercoat Varnish

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