Diorama Perlite Powder 200g

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Lightweight Perlite powder 5 kg per 100 litre bag. Mesh sizes Powder to 1-2mm.

Analysis : Sio2 72.0 -76 %         K2O 3.5- 5.5%

Al2O3 12- 17%          Na2O 2.0-4.5%

Fe2O3 0.5-1%           CaO 0.2-1.5%

organics  less than 0.1%

Color: white with tiny specks.


Diorama as waves and textures, foam, snow or lightweight landscape materials that can be airbrushed.

Lightweight insulation and casting with sodium silicate binder or clay binder as insulation ovens and  furnaces construction

Garden potting mix with cocoa peat, vermiculite, vermicast or compost. Good drainage porosity with water retention properties. Aerates soil ideal for succulents.

Ceramic glazes formulation and clay bodies formulation.

Annealing material to control cooling required in knife and tool heating.

Scrubbing material in soap and as a mild abrasive

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