DMT Diamond Bench Stone Sharpeners – Extra Fine Grit

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DMT extra fine diamond stone in green is for polishing and honing. Use wet with water and wipe off the fine metal slurry with tissue to clean up. In fine finishing do not exert force just the knife weight with slight finger pressure will be sufficient to polish or hone to a fine edge. If the angle is consistent you may feel a raised bur on the other side of the knife edge. Once a bur is raised on the other side it is done by pulling the knife edge on a piece of wood to remove the bur.

DMT diamond stone can also be use dry. Metal particles accumulated  on the perforated surface can be removed with a kneadable rubber eraser.

Diamond sharpener is suitable for all types of metal including tungsten carbide and ceramic.

DMT Diamond Bench Stone Sharpeners – Coarse Grit

DMT Diamond Bench Stone Sharpeners – Fine Grit

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