Epsom Salt Food Grade/Magnesium Sulphate (Food Chemicals Codex)


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Germany Origin



Epsom salt also known as Magnesium Sulphate is water soluble source of magnesium easily absorbed by skin a much needed mineral for the body. Normally used as footbath, or bath soak and formulated into soap bombs with sodium bicarbonate and citric acid. Food grade epsom.

Added to plants in planting stage in powder form or watered on to leaves especially chili, peppers and tomatoes promote good fruiting and restoration of leaves colors that have turned yellow  through lacking magnesium much needed in plants growth. It is absorbed much faster than slow degradation of dolomite limestone powder by plant roots or as a foliar spray with molasse and water dilution.

Ceramic glazes formulation with 2 % epsom salt will have thixotropic non flow or drips in englobe dip application on porous or dense ceramic body. In clay body formulation, a 2-3 % addition of epsom salt increases plasticity with non slumping features.

Germany Origin

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