Gleason Ball Clay

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Gleason ball clay from USA is a fine particle hydrous aluminum silicate clay with good plasticity, handling strength, and white fired properties. It is used in blended clay for throwing, slip casting and sculpting.

Commonly used as fillers in paper making, and crafts like papier mache, kinetic sand, adhesive, ceramics clay body and ceramic manufacture. Its high green strength is needed in tiles press molding, slip casting and smooth extrusion of refractory ceramics. As a binder in green sand or loss wax casting. Knife makers mixes gleason ball clay with mullite as a paste to form the hamon  designs on blades to control heating where hardening should be. Plastic ball clay and Mullite have high insulation and good thermal expansion.

Mix with Multifilla premix mortar for slump free sculpting of decorative arts.

Ball clay mixed with matt sealer as gesso to be base coat in gold gilding. As fine particles clay, sanding with mesh 2000 sand paper for smooth  unblemish surface essential in gold gilding perfection.

Chemical Name: Hydrous aluminium silicate

Particle size distribution: 20 micron 97

10 micron 93

5 micron 86

2 micron 74

1 micron 65

0.5 micron 54

Residue : Mesh 200    0.5%

Mesh 325     1.5%

Chemical Properties : Sio2      61%       MgO 0.2%

Al2O3  26%       CaO  0.1%

Fe2O3   1.1 %     K2O  0.4%

TiO2      1.7%     Na2O3 0.1%

Firing Shrinkage :  Cone 10 1300 degC    9.5%

Pyrochemical : Ignition Loss 9.7%

Total carbon  0.2%

Modulus of rapture :  50% clay 50 % flint        —– 660psi

Color: Raw color grey.  Fired color off white

Non flammable, non toxic and non explosive. Recommended in handling of any powdered material a face mask be used.

Packing: 5 kg, 50 lbs/ 22.67kg multiwall paper bag.





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