Rabbit Hide Glue 200g

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Natural animal glues consist of complex animal proteins (collagen) which must be heated in order to be used. They are made from the processed hides and bones of animal and are chemically very similar to gelatine. Animal glues have been used for organic materials such as wood, paper, leather etc. They can also be used as a primer coat (e.g for gold plating). If kept in a dry environment, the bonds are highly resistant to the effects of age. Animal glue is a 100% natural product and completely non-toxic.

Preparation and Use:
Soak the glue granules in half of their volume of lukewarm water. Slowly heat the mixture to a temperature of 65° C while stirring constantly. Add additional water until the desired viscosity had been reached. Apply the glue with a brush and press the joints together using a clamp for at least two hours. The bonds formed by animal glues are reversible and can be loosened again by heating.

• High temperature (above 75° C) cause the glue’s proteins to denature and thereby reduce the strength of the resulting bonds. Always heat the glue slowly in a water bath to ensure even heat distribution. Herdim glue pots are ideal.

• Contact with metals (particularly copper) can blacken the glue and reduce its bonding strength. Use chemically inert glue containers (ceramic, glass, plastic) and brushes with non-metal ferrules.

• In some glue granules are greenish particles containing a preservative that dissolve completely in water. These particles are harmless and they do not create any color residues.

• Only prepare as much glue as you can use within the course of one day. Always clean the glue container thoroughly after each use. If necessary, the glue for longer periods of time may lead to the bacterial decomposition of the glue and will result in a reduction of its bonding strength.

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