Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9% 500ml

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Purity: 99.9%

Size: 500ml

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Pure 99.9% rubbing alcohol, a clear water miscible solvent for natural oil, cosmetic, extraction agent of flowers, alcohol ink formulation Airbrush, electronic cleaner and paint stripper, label adhesive removal. Easy to formulate hand cleaner with pure alcohol, water and detergent. Likewise formulate air freshener with essential oil and water.

Soap use as an adhesive to firmly attach soap layers. Also to remove bubbles before setting with a mist sprayer. Do not spray near naked flames. Flammable

To formulate alcohol ink add solvent base kurecolor alcohol color dyes  to this pure alcohol.

In etching use to clean up printing plate especially from grease, dirt and finger prints. An effective glass cleaner as well in a spritz spray bottle with a little dish washing detergent and water.

Convert liquid alcohol into powder with colloidal silica and stearic powder wax compressed as fire starters.

To smooth Industrial clay sculptures with brush or finger rubbing. As a wax solvent it polishes hard wax sculptures.

A clean burning fuel for alcohol lamp to disinfect tools, cutters and aromatherapy without hydrocarbon black smoke.

Garden and home first aid disinfectant of cuts and wounds, gardening cutting tools to prevent the spread of plants diseases.

The advantage of pure 99.9% alcohol is much preferred as no water is added. Many pharmacies sold alcohol is only at 70%

Isopropyl Alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol for external use and not to be consumed. Commonly used to disinfect all skin types  before injection, wounds and cuts.

Easy to DIY hand sanitiser in below guide formulation. You may vary with the dilution and essential oils as 99.95 purity is value for money. Stir and fill pump bottle. More aloe vera helps to gel and moisturises formulation. Fill in spray bottle to mist door handles, toilet seat, handrails, counters. Keep clean and safe.

Distill water /Boiled water…………….. 100ml

Alcohol 99.9%………………………………. 300ml

Aloe vera gel 100% natural…………….     80ml

Essential oil vanila or pine oil………..      10ml

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