Istor Duplex Swiss Sharpener

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Size: 19cm(L)

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Proven durable and effective sharpener for field, domestic and workshops.


Novelty! The unique grinding and sharpening tool for the craftsmen!

Grind and sharpen all damaged blades. Ideal for use in the garden, on the farm and in the workshop. Especially for the maintenance of garden shears, secateurs, scythes, sickles and bigger garden tools. Maintains engraving graver burs sharpness even carbide tools with the diamond end. Also the coarse and fine diamond grit to file knicks and burs before stroping with the hard metal insert.

The Istor Duplex Swiss Sharpener® is the only sharpener that can also sharpen ceramic knives with the diamond end. A value purchase for its coarse and fine diamond sharpener and double the length and thickness of the sharpener insert compared with the standard Istor sharpener.

Easy to use knife sharpener from Swiss technology as duplex come with finger guard for sharpening both sides without need to change hand.

Consisting of a hard metal insert fixed on to a lightweight aluminium handle using a few light pressure strop on both sides of knife edge at an angle easily plane and hone cutting edge to extreme sharpness. Really work even on hard metal like bayonet to razor sharpness that is not possible to sharpen with a file. Restore scalpel blade, sharpens scissors, chisels, meat cleaver, skinning knife, machete, parang and in fact all cutting tools except ceramic knives. Ceramic knife need to sharpen with the diamond side. Anyone can use Istor sharpener to sharpen knives in an instant. Maintain sharpening angle on both cutting edge by placing finger beneath aluminium handle and knife surface, guide one edge of metal insert along knife from handle to tip. Repeat with the same number of strokes on the other cutting edge to maintain a sharp even angled wedge cutting edge. You will know that Istor is sharpening knife edge when fine metal particles are accumulated on one side of the hard metal insert or having raised burs on the opposite side of the blade.
Models Available: Standard 10cm and Duplex 19cm with cone side diamond coated for sharpening and grinding.
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 years

Istor Standard Swiss Sharpener

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