J840 Platinum Cure Silicon Rubber 1kg + Catalyst 1kg

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Mix ratio 1:1 by volume

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Platinum cure silicon rubber are more durable and virtual tear resistant compared to cheaper tin or condensation cure silicon rubber. Economical in price and practical  size for mold makers graduating from trial kit sizes. Fast setting and translucent.

Mix well contents in can before gauging. Mix well rubber and catalyst degass if required and cast all within 20 minutes. Use only sulphur free clay in modelling and casting.

Grade: J840
SH: 40
Color: Translucent

Stir well contents. Mix rubber and catalyst 1:1 ratio by volume. Pot life 20-40 minutes. Cure 3-5 hours. Demold 5 hours.

Tensile Strength:  ≥ 6.8 MPa
Elongation:  ≥ 400%
Shrinkage: ≤ 0.1%
Heat Resistance: -60°C to 250°C


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