LED Foldable Magnifying Glass – 130mm dia.

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Main Lens Size: 130mm
Small Lens Size: 26mm
Origin: China

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Large clear glass magnifier of 130mm diameter for miniature sculpting, painting and crafts. Three folding joints for adjustment of angles and position of the LED light source. This magnifier’s lens is designed with frame. This magnifier is an ideal tool for people who are involved in fine work such as coins, stamps, jewellery, embroideries and etc. Plotting scale of the base can be used to measure the actual size of objects very conveniently. With two LED illuminating lamps, it can also be in normal operation under insufficient sunlight environment. With three pieces of AAA batteries, large capacity, this model can operate 10 continuous hours before battery change.

– Two LED illuminating lamps
– Main lens magnifying multiple: 2X
– 1 mini lens magnifying multiple: 6X
– Batteries: LR03AAA

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