Milliput Two Part Epoxy Putty 113.4g


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Product by Milliput UK



Two component epoxy putty for repairs of plastic, metal, ceramic or wood. Knead well equal amount and apply. Set in 4 hours. Excellent for miniature sculpting where strength and durability required. Ideal for master sculpting miniature models for subsequent mold making. Even when set hard can be sanded, drilled and painted. Take polishing and buffing. Fixes tool handles, leaking polytank and metal water tank, flower vases, kitchen utensils even toys. Garden craft to fabricate broken pots as a mini garden diorama with moss, plants and even with a waterfall. Milliput once set is not water soluble and fixes securely as an epoxy.

Available in standard yellow-grey and white 113g or 4oz (2oz of Part A and 2oz of Part B)

– Self hardening
– Non shrink
– Tough and durable
– Highly adhesive to most surfaces
– Water and chemical resistant
– Sets under water
– Electrically insulating
– Moldable putty
– Withstand heat in exhaust pipe, silencer, radiators repairs
– Marine repairs and crafts
– Taxidermy
– Sanding, drilling possible

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