Molasses Technical Grade 800g

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Sulphur free molasses for craft and agriculture use. Not for consumption. Use as binder for green sand in lost wax casting, sand art or plaster and as nutrient rich organic fertilizer. Typical analysis of molasses as below:


205 mg


4.72 mg


242 mg


1.53 mg


31 mg


1464 mg


37 mg


0.29 mg

The minerals content and sugar residual of the molasses suit plants in feeding effective microbes (EM) bacteria that assist in rapid  composting, formulation of compost tea and liquid fertiliser. Formulate liquid organic fertilizer with milk, urea, epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) fish emulsion, sea weeds emulsion, garden compost, and kitchen fruit peelings. Dilute with water 1:20 parts before use on plants or as a soil conditioner with composts. As a liquid organic fertiliser, it can be sprayed directly onto leaves and foliar. However note to avoid areas fertilised with chemical fertilizers as it destroys the beneficial living bacteria in the organic fertiliser.

Cosplayers, movie prop makers use molasse to darken red food dye as blood. Tasting good too and a halal edible gelatine as flesh in zoombie props.

Smell great mixed into sand as a binder in green sand mold making for metal casting. See our sand casting flask mold. Ideal for jewellery, buckles metal casting.

A sulphur free natural sugar residue it will continue fermentation within bottle. Loosely close cover to allow gas to excape.

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