Wood and MDF have porous holes to be sealed before painting for smoother surface and to reduce paint absorption that results in shade variations. After applying Matt Sealer, let dry and sand surface with fine sandpaper before painting. Matt Sealer is a penetrative sealer that dries clear with slight sheen and non-glossy. Can be used as a matt glaze over acrylics painting with water dilution if needed. Recommend use on cement, wood, plaster, stone, paper, leather edge sealing before burnishing and any porous surfaces like PU floral foams to seal loose particles. It reinforces wood veneer to reduce splitting.

As an adhesive, Matt sealer water like low viscosity function effectively for tissue decoupage and gold foil gilding permitting adjustment. To reinforce attachment, fan brush matt sealer to seal and protect. A penetrative sealer to rigidize dried flowers, leaves, petals, tendrils in dried floral arrangement. Also it rigidises cloth and paper flowers. Seals vegetable tanned leather with a sheen and protects against dirt. Compact leather fibres before dying and rigidised edges for carnauba waxing and burnishing for a professional finish. Seals papier mache project in wet or dry state for rigidity and better paint finishing.

Apply with a fan brush or a mop brush for high porosity surfaces. Wash brush with Multifilla brush cleaner and hang to dry.

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