OLFA Excel Black Ultra Sharp Spare Blade – Large


Quick Overview

Size: 100mm (L) x 18mm (W)

Origin : Japan



Ultra sharp snap blades for 10mm and 18mm utility cutter. Assured sharpness and use with caution. Clean cutting of wood veneer, masquetry, boards, stencils, XPS foam, EVA foam and rubber sheets. Use on cutting mat to retain blade sharpness.

Bookbinding for a clean neat cut. Extruded polystrene foam (XPS) carving made precise with this ultra sharp blade available in 10mm and 18mm to fit standard utility knife holder. Leathercraft skiving in bookbinding and leathercraft wares for fine workmanship. Balsa wood for a clean cut

Keep sharp with simple stroping on a leather strop or snap off a section for a new blade

What makes it super sharp is Japanese technology in its metal and a secondary fine honing to its cutting edge

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