Perlite Granular 300g (3mm-6mm)

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A natural mineral expanded by heat with high porosities. Ideally used as insulating filler in fridges, safe and kilns. Its high porosities and sterile properties is much used as soil amendments, potting mixes for good drainage and roots aeration. It retains water and liquid fertilisers for slow release to plants growth. Mixed to premix mortar to cast light weight concrete for weight saving and insulation. Added and mixed with plaster to cast aroma stones for better scent retention. In barbeque pits as base for easy clean up of grease and helps in heat conservation. Diorama use with plaster in landscape sculpting. Add to acrylic paint for texture effect.

Size: 3mm – 6mm
pH: 5-7
Melting Point/Freezing Point: 1300-1700°C
SiO: 73.02%
K2O: 4.22%
Al2O3: 13.2%
Na2O: 3.31%
Fe2O3 : 1.3%
CaO: 1.27%
MgO: 0.1%
TiO2 : 0.09%

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