Perlite Powder


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Size: 300g and 2kg



A volcanic mineral when heated 800-900°C converts entrapped moisture into steam to expand the mineral 7-16 times its natural size. In the process perlite high porosity, lightweight and sterile free from harmful organisms is derived. Also commonly known as expanded perlite.

Available in 2-4mm these expanded porous white granules and powder 0.15mm -2mm have many usages in various fields.

Organic planting – As soil amendment perlite porosity absorb and retain moisture, nutrients and provides air to growing roots. It aerates soil, improves drainage and prevent soil compaction especially with composts. Recommended mix 20-30% to soil. Powder perlite prevents soil compaction, loams and fluff soil with light weight much preferred in roof top gardens or for big pots.. Its increased surface areas perlite powder is more accessible to root hairs uptake of plant nutrients.

Perlite is added to clay, cow manure and seeds to mold seed bombs for self-generation in reforestation and permaculture practice.

Hydroponic use for plant roots aeration and anchorage. Act as a filtering medium too.

Toxic free and sterile perlite is often used in potting mix with cocopeat, soil less  planting with wood chips, cocopeat and being lightweight is an ideal media as rooftop garden soil and large planting pots.

As a mulch, perlite insulates soil temperature, prevents moisture loss and assist in microbes or earthworms propagation in a cool environment.

Vermiculture with cocopeat without harming worms as microbes thrives with aeration to feed worms. Perlite powder consumed by worms as a grit to aid digestion and propagation. It fluff soil, with porosity to retains moisture for microbes and improves drainage.  Perlite addition is much preferred over sand.

Industrial use

As lightweight aggregates and insulation in premix mortar cement castings. Dry mix perlite 2-3 parts by volume to premix mortar before mixing in water. Adds texture in Shanghai finish with acid wash and lightness to cement castings.

Plaster sculpture in car designing and architecture would benefit in weight saving with perlite.

As non-degradable porous aggregates addition to cement in casting lightweight cement boats, canoe, planters and furnaces for better insulation.

Perlite use as filtering media in rain water conservation from roof top and gutters, similar use in aqua pond water treatment plants and aquarium. Food industries use in beer and oil filtering.

Insulation use casts as light weight bricks with cement or silicate binder as  fire bricks. Furnace and oven insulation with cement or clay as pizza oven. Loose infill in double hollow wall construction to conserve heat as ceramic kiln or as a roasting oven.

Craft use

Annealing medium in knife and metal crafting by slowing down cooling when heated metal is buried in porous perlite powder.

Same in metal enamelling to slowdown cooling of glass enamel on metal to avoid craze cracking.

Sculpture use in weight saving when kneaded with clay body adding texture to clay too.

Ceramic glaze and body formulation as a volcanic glass with high silica, calcium oxide, Potassium oxide and sodium oxide contents.  Function as a low temperature flux softening point 850-1050 degree C and fusion point 1250 – 1350 deg. C. Its soft porosity is easily ground with mortar and pestle into powder in glaze formulation or use perlite powder grade.

Floral drying with perlite powder and colloidal silica as both materials are absorbent and reusable with oven drying.

Soap making perlite porosity helps to absorb and retain essential oil and nourishing body oils. Its mixed  grain sizes offer better scrub as an exfoliating soap.


Expanded volcanic perlite

Sieve analysis   :   2.5mm (Mesh 8)              0-5 % weight retained

1.2mm (mesh 16)            10-25%

0.6mm (mesh 30)           15-35%

0.3mm (mesh 50)           25-40%

0.15mm (mesh 100)       15-30%

Oxide Analysis Formula
CaO 1.00% 0.138
MgO 0.50% 0.096
K2O 4.00% 0.329
Na2O 3.50% 0.437
Al2O3 13.50% 1.025
SiO2 72.50% 9.341
Fe2O3 1.00% 0.048
LOI 4.00
Oxide Weight 743.34
Formula Weight 774.31


As a polish and tumbling for metal, craft jewelry and stones. A mild abrasive.

Perlite’s porosity and ability to with stand heat is used for furnace insulation on the outside with ceramic fiber inside. BBQ pits and stove cleanup is easier with a perlite base. Also insulate and prevent heat loss. Mixed with clay it makes perfect insulated pizza oven for wood firing or cast into refractory bricks with sodium silicate binder.

Taxidermy stuffing as lightweight  and acid free unlike sawdust .

Size: Aggregates 2-4mm    Powder grade: 0.15mm -2.5mm

Density: 80-130kg/m3

PH: 6-7 neutral


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