Perma-Guard Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade)


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Natural codex coded or food graded diatomaceous earth have many uses. 325 mesh. It comprised of organic micro skeletons of fresh water diatoms. These highly porous micro skeletons is over 92% silica with less than 1% harmful crystalline silica content. Unlike pool grade DE, food grade DE is not heat treated and calcined into harmful crystalline silica thus retaining its natural fossilized microscopic shells of plant origin. Mined, filtered and milled into fine powder, these shells are highly abrasive and absorbent true to its porous skeletal structures.

NATURAL PEST CONTROL. Its sharp abrasive skeletons cuts the shell and joints of fleas, bedbugs, ticks, flies, cockroaches, ants, snails to die of dehydration. Best applied with a rubber blower  and squirt into crevices or onto pet fur or dust on to bedding. Do not expect instant eradication as it is not an insecticide but a safe food grade natural pesticide for dry application.

LIVESTOCK FEED SUPPLEMEBNT. Detox parasites, worm control in dogs, cats, fowls as well as a mineralize diet with DE trace elements like magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper etc.

GRAINS PRESERVATION. Diatomaceous earth prolong storage life of rice, grains, beans from weevils and bugs. Its porosity is hydroscopic to absorb moisture as a drying and non caking additive.

COSMETICS. In soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste as a natural exfoliant, fragrance carrier and anti caking additives.

POLISH. Hardness scale is 7 compared to diamond at 9. Formulate as a fine polish for metal, wood and plastics. Blend with carnauba wax as a fine wood and metal polish.

DEODORIZER. Odour control in rubbish bins, drain scrub.

GARDENING. As a potting mix for its porosity and silica content much needed by plants. Bugs and snails control. It will not harm worms in vermiculture.

FILLER. For paints texture and insulation.

CERAMICS. High silica purity in glazes formulation.



Silica (Si02)                                   > 70%

Calcium (Ca)                                 1.00%

Magnesium (Mg)                        0.60%

Manganese (Mn)                        0.50%

Phosphorus (P)                           0.01%

Potassium (K)                              0.20%

Iron (Fe)                                           4.00%

Cobalt (Co)                                    5mg/kg

Molybdenum (Mo)                    5mg/kg

Sulphur (S)                                     42mg/kg

Zinc (Zn)                                         42mg/kg

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