Porcelain Discs Japan – 4pcs




Fine white glazed porcelain disc 2mm thick in 2 sizes and shapes. Both round and oval discs are ideal blanks for porcelain painting as pendents, decorative inserts in woodenwares. Also suited for fine miniature painting with oil and acrylics. Do wipe clean with alcohol before painting. Paint with semi moist underglaze decorative colors lead free available in 8 colors pan as watercolors for ceramics. Fix by firing to cone 05/ 1044 deg. C. Underglaze matt colors intensifies with LG10 gloss transparent glaze fired to same temperature. LG10 Gloss glaze can be sponge on painting in 3 coatings and fired once.

Suitable to transfer photographs or decal with laser printing on decal paper and transfer with H20 covercoat medium.  Decorate as pendants, fridge magnets and keepsakes gifts.

Mosaic art with ceramic tiles as decorative wall murals with Multifilla tile adhesives.

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