A mineral of volcanic origin in fine powder mesh #200 – #300 lightweight and abrasive. It has insulating properties and refractory use in ceramics as firing bats, firebricks. Soap makers incorporate pumice in soap as an exfoliant. Knife makers use as a fine metal polish or for annealling as pumice insulating properties slow down metal cooling. Mix with plaster as slumping mold and in sand as green sand metal casting. Pumice porosities permit steam and gases to escape.

A mild abrasive in tumble mill for fine polish of metal and wood. A matting agent in printing as a metal scrub on printing plate. Jeans makers distress denim for the worn look. Aroma stone casting with a mixture of perlite and pumice with plaster of paris. The porosities of both absorbs and slow releases essential oil. With a binder pumice powder can be consolidated into a scrubbing block for calluses, dead skin and corns.

Potting mix in garden craft for soil porosity, retention of essential minerals as a soil conditioner and better aeration.

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