R-77 S20 Prona Spray Gun 2mm c/w 1000cc Cup

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R-77 Spray Distance: 250mm.
Fluid Viscosity: 20±1 seconds/RV-2
Air Pressure: 0.8kg/cm2
Fluid Intake: 3/8PF/NPF

R77 Functions and Characteristics

R77 nozzles and needle are made of heat treated material with high hardness and antiwear characteristics to extend service life.

*The spray pathway, nozzle and needle are made by high-level stainless steel they are suitable for water-based paint.

Type of Feed: Suction
Fluid Nozzle Orifice: 2.0mm
Air Pressure (kg/cm2): 3.5(0.34)
Air Consumption (l/min): 360
Fluid Output (ml/min): 370
Pattern Width ±20: 290mm

Cup capacity : RC-1 1000ml

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