S/S Jiffy Mixer LM (10 1/4″ O/L)

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Note: Proxxon machine is not included

Overall Length: 26cm
Diameter: 3cm
Shank : 7.5mm or 1/4″

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Fabricated from one piece stainless steel as a mixer stirrer by Jiffy Mixer Company Incorporated, USA. Fixed to a Proxxon pocket drill Colt 220/E (28490) or any 1/4″ drill chuck and operate to 1200 rpm. A multipurpose mixer for clay slip, paints, food sauces, paper making, pharmaceutical, silicon rubber, Plaster of Paris and epoxy solutions with minimum air incorporation. Quick and efficient mixing of fast setting alginate into a smooth paste in hands molding and mixing plaster for subsequent casting. Suitable for solvent and water base. Note solvent mixing require sparkless motor or and air motor drive for safety purposes.

Mixer must be fully immerse in solution at least 1″ from bottom of container before turning on power drill. While running move around the base and upwards and down the container without lifting mixer out of the solution. Non rust stainless steel impellar suited for small batch soap mixing and faster sponification and quickly homogenous the mixture into a smooth solution.

Clean mixer after use with water or solvent with the mixer removed from the power unit. In food use the stainless steel mixer can be placed inside a dish washer.

Proxxon Pocket Drilling Machine COLT 2 (28490)

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