Stainless Steel Jiffy Mixer HD

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Overall Length: 100cm
Diameter: 25cm

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A product from Jiffy USA. Designed and manufactured by stamping stainless steel with minimum welding. Less air sucked in when operated in the recommended RPM. Attached to a motorised unit mixes plaster, slip clay, cement, resin and paints. Various sizes available. Rust free food safe mixer can be use in food preparation.



Made of 304 polished stainless steel, the HD model is designed for heavy duty jobs in 75-100 gal. (300-400 qt.) containers.  It easily fits any 3/4″ electric chucked power tool.

Product Description

The HD model is designed for a max speed of 250 RPMS.  Tools with 450-750 RPMS get the best rate of thorough mixing.  Mixers can be permanently installed if desired.

Shaft Length Container Size Top Diameter Bottom Diameter Depth of Head Shaft Diameter
in. mm   in. mm in. mm in. mm in. mm
40 1016 75-100 gal. 8 1/2 216 9 3/4 248 10 254 3/4 19

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