Studio Shape Maker – Leaf Set IV

Code: ST1338


Quick Overview

Depth: 1.8cm

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Metal cutter to die cut flower from polymer clay, HB2 clay and pastry.

5 metal cutters and 5 texture sheets for creating an detailing leaves.

  • Heart
  • Small Oak
  • Smalll Gingko
  • Large Gingko
  • Large Oak

Use Shape Maker cutters to create:

Gingko leaves, oak leaves and heart-shapes leaves.

Use coordinating Shape Maker texture sheets to create realistic leaf veins quickly and easily

Roll clay to desired thickness. Lightly spritz with water. Press vein pattern into clay using texture sheet. Remove excess water from clay with a paper towel. Cut out leaves using Shape Maker cutters. Assemble leaves, vines and scrolls. Clean with soap and water.

A Studio set from Sculpey Polyform Products Company USA.

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