Tempered Skiving Knife

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Overall Length: 22cm
Blade Length: 6cm
Blade Width: 2cm
Blade Thickness: 2.5mm
Handle Length: 16cm

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High carbon steel skiving knife tempered, sharpened, polished and honed. Similiar to pisau Wali except refine sharpening suited for leather skiving and cutting. Exceptional sharpness so use with due care and store away after use with application of light paraffin oil and leather stropping to maintain feather edge sharpness. Recommended to dress leather strop with diamond paste 1 micron and below as maintenance sharpening and metal polishing. Well honed and polished and with a light spray of silicon release agent will much reduce resistance for a butter smooth skiving and cutting.

Works better in leather skiving as its curved edge slices well at an angle to remove excess fibres. Unlike Japanese style skiver flat edge cut by pushing and not by slicing.

Suitable for Eva foam cutting and edge skiving. Also as a chipping wood carving knife.

High carbon steel store dry with light paraffin oil to prevent rust.

Keep away from children.

Pisau Wali Wood Handle

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