Washed Silica Sand 5kg – Coarse (#16 – #30)

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Coarse sand, Texture sand, Diorama landscape materials, Blasting media

Grit sizes: 2-3mm

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Coarser 2-3 mm silica sand for diorama, texture or as aggregates for particle size distribution and strength. Silt free sand will increase mortar strength. To useĀ  dry mix with premix mortar 1:1 by volume before adding water. As decorative texture finish sponge wash with water or acid wash to reveal aggregates. Can be use as sand blasting media with sufficient air pressure.

In lost wax casting mix sand with molasse binder or sodium silicate as casting mold for metal.

As a soil mix with bentonite clay, feldspar, and perlite. Available in 25 kg washed sand to DIY potting mix or soil amendments with clayey soil into loamy soil with some hydrated lime to flocculate clay particles for better drainage.

Vermiculture in preparation of worm bed with bottom layer of sand for better drainage and grit as worm diet with finer sand mesh 40 -100. Sand assist to loosen compacted compost and paper cellulose bedding in vermicomposting. It provides anchorage to roots and aeration as well.


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