Weins Silicon Release Agent

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Volume: 400ml

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Aerosol silicon release agent to ease demolding of wax, soap, rust proofing and leather softening.

For certain castings like polyester resin additional wax or petroleum jelly application required followed by silicon release to ensure trouble free demolding. Not suitable for Polyurethane resin casting which require PU release agent.

Silicon rubber mold casting unless vacuum degassed will have surface bubbles that will burst with silicon aerosol spray. A safer method than using gas fire or hot air on plastic and paper cup molds.

Use as a lubricant for door hinges, rubber gaskets, scroll sawing, handsaws and door locks. Arrow shafts and feathers application ensure a smooth release from the bow. It waterproofs bamboo and wooden arrows shaft and feathers. Application of silicon release on tung oil treated arrow shafts enhances a smooth release in draw.

Restore smoothness and sheen to hairs and hides with silicon oil in mounted taxidermy.

Subsequent painting if required, need thorough clean up with soap and alcohol to ensure paint adhesion.

As compressed gas canister air freight is not allowed.


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