Industrial Styling Clay

  • multifilla-chavant-high-melt-plastiline-front-logomultifilla-chavant-high-melt-plastiline-front-logo

    Chavant Clay – LeBeau Touche HM Brown 2lb (Sulphur Free)

    Brush On IS clay, Modelling Clay 2lbs/906g Sulphur free  
  • multifilla-autostyle-hard-brown-2-pounds-topmultifilla-autostyle-hard-brown-2-pounds-top

    Chavant Clay – Autostyle Hard 2lb (Sulphur Free)

    CNC clay, Car designing clay, Oil clay, Shrink free clay, Weight: 2 lbs Origin: USA
  • multifilla-autostyle-medium-brown-2-pounds-side2multifilla-autostyle-medium-brown-2-pounds-side2

    Chavant Clay – Autostyle Medium 2lb (Sulphur Free)

    Car designing clay, Prototyping clay, Oil Sculpting clay
  • multifilla-castilene-modelling-compund-hard-2-5lbs-frontmultifilla-castilene-modelling-compund-hard-2-5lbs-front

    Chavant Clay – Castilene Hard 2.5lb (Sulphur Free)

    sculpting wax, carving wax, modelling wax, wax clay 2.5lbs/1.14kg Sulfur Free, Hard grade
  • multifilla-castilene-modelling-compound-medium-2-5lbs-frontmultifilla-castilene-modelling-compound-medium-2-5lbs-front

    Chavant Clay – Castilene Medium 2.5lb (Sulphur Free)

    carving wax, wax clay, sculpting wax, modelling wax 2.5lbs/1.14kg Sulfur Free, Medium grade
  • multifilla-cm-50-deaired-brown-2-5-pounds-topmultifilla-cm-50-deaired-brown-2-5-pounds-top

    Chavant Clay – CM 50 Deaired 2.5lb (With Sulphur)

    Oil clay, Shrink free clay, 3D clay, Industrial Styling Clay
  • multifilla-chavant-hard-sulfur-free-plastiliine-2lbs-front-logomultifilla-chavant-hard-sulfur-free-plastiliine-2lbs-front-logo

    Chavant Clay – NSP Brown 2lb (Sulphur Free)

    IS Clay, Styling Clay, Prototyping Clay,  Oil Clay, Wax Clay, Sulphur Free Clay, Sculpture Clay, Non Shrink Clay, Modelling Clay…
  • multifilla-386m-brown-1-75-pounds-side2multifilla-386m-brown-1-75-pounds-side2
  • multifilla-chavant-monu-melt-softmultifilla-chavant-monu-melt-soft

    Chavant Monu-Melt Green Melt & Brush On Sulphur Free Clay 2lb

    Reusable brush on styling clay, meltable clay, detailing clay 2lbs/906g Soft and Hard Grade
  • eberhard-faber-profile-clayeberhard-faber-profile-clay

    Eberhard Faber Profile Clay 1.75kg – 1.8kg

    Soft profile clay, surface levelling oil clay, Extrusion clay.
  • eberhard-faber-clay-lighteberhard-faber-clay-light

    Eberhard Faberclay Light 1.3kg/ 2.87lbs – Brown

    Light weight oil clay, Industrial designing clay, Modelling /sculpting clay, Taxidermy clay, Taxidermy formwork
  • multifilla-industrial-styling-clay-group-logomultifilla-industrial-styling-clay-group-logo

    Industrial Styling Clay- Sulphur Free 700g

    IS clay, Student Styling Clay, Wax Clay 700g Reusable and Sulphur Free