Metal and Jewellery Making

  • compound-table-kit-kt-150compound-table-kit-kt-150

    Proxxon Compound Table Kit KT 150, (20150)
  • precision-lathe-fd-150_eprecision-lathe-fd-150_e

    Proxxon Precision Lathe FD 150/E (24150)

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  • multifilla-pensander-ps-13multifilla-pensander-ps-13

    Proxxon Pensander PS 13 (28594)

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  • multifilla-belt-sander-bs_emultifilla-belt-sander-bs_e

    Proxxon Belt Sander BS/E 28536

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  • polishing-machine-pm-100polishing-machine-pm-100

    Proxxon Polishing Machine PM 100 (27180)

    Sword polishing, Jewellery polishing, Stone and plastic polishing, Printing/Etching plate polisher. View video info at:
  • microflam-burner-mfb_emicroflam-burner-mfb_e

    Proxxon Microflame Burner MFB/E (28146)

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  • multifilla-acrylic-sheet-anglemultifilla-acrylic-sheet-angle
  • disc-sander-tg-125_edisc-sander-tg-125_e

    Proxxon Disc Sander TG 125/E (27060)

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  • scroll-saw-ds-230_escroll-saw-ds-230_e

    Proxxon Scroll Saw DS 230/E (27088)

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  • ge-20-27106ge-20-27106

    Proxxon Engraving Device GE 20 (27106)

    Dog tag engraver, Stencil cutter, Name tag engraver, Masquetry veneer cutter, Freehand engraver
  • cut-off-saw-kg-50cut-off-saw-kg-50

    Proxxon Cut-off Saw KG 50 (27150)

    Chop saw, Mitre saw
  • cut-off-and-joint-mitre-saw-kgs-80cut-off-and-joint-mitre-saw-kgs-80

    Proxxon Cut-off and Joint Mitre Saw KGS 80 (27160)

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