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Dialux Polishing Wax – Red [Precious Metal]

A polishing wax for mild steel, carbon steel knives and tools. Dialux Polishing Wax – Blue [All Purpose/Aluminium] Dialux Polishing

Diamond Lapping Paste

Diamond paste in 5ml syringe. Easy to apply for lapping, drilling, grinding and polishing metal, planner blade,knives, glass and other

Leather Strop 4cm (W) x 25cm(L) with polishing compound

LEATHER STROP 4cm x 13cm vegetable tanned  leather traditionally used as a leather strop. Fixed on to a hard wood

Natural Beeswax Bar – 25g approx.

NOTE: Please allow variation in measurements and weight as individually hand casted.Weight:  25g approx. Size: 7.5cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)  x 1.8cm (H)

NOVUS Premium Washable Polish Mate – 33cm x 33cm (nominal)

Unlike disposable polishing mate for one time use, premium polishing mate is washable, reusable and ideal for cleaning and polishing.

Wool Bonnet Buffing Pad 4” 5pcs (for machine use)

Wool bonnet buffing pad 4″ diameter for machine use. Threaded  3/8″ or 8.8mm hole. Ideal for waxing, metal buffing wood