Polymer Clay

  • multifilla-h2o-covercoat-group-logomultifilla-h2o-covercoat-group-logo

    Multifilla H2O Covercoat Varnish

    Waterproof film, Flexible film, Transfer film, Sneaker art covercoat, Anti rust film, Aftermarket decal film, Clear varnish, Gloss varnish 100ml…
  • multifilla-petroleum-jelly-500gmultifilla-petroleum-jelly-500g

    Petroleum Jelly

    Jelly wax, Release agent, Waterproofing agent, Polymer clay softener, Leather softener, Drill lubricant Size: 500g and 5kg
  • sculpey-mold-makersculpey-mold-maker

    Sculpey Mold Maker 226g

    Flexible Polymer clay, Polymer clay softener
  • sculpey-ultra-light-polymer-claysculpey-ultra-light-polymer-clay

    Sculpey Ultra Light Oven Bake Clay

    Lightweight Polymer Clay
  • super-sculpey-firm-greysuper-sculpey-firm-grey
  • super-sculpey-original-beigesuper-sculpey-original-beige
  • premo-sculpey-polymer-claypremo-sculpey-polymer-clay

    Premo! Sculpey Polymer Clay

    Baking clay, Craft clay RM 7.60 - RM 86.00 2oz/57g and 454g
  • premo-accentspremo-accents

    Premo! Accents Polymer Clay 2oz/57g

    Baking clay, Plastic clay, Craft clay
  • multifilla-sculpey-lll-groupmultifilla-sculpey-lll-group

    Sculpey III Polymer Clay 2oz/57g

    Bake clay, Oven clay, Plastic clay RM 10.00 - RM 12.00
  • mltifilla-brooch-holdermltifilla-brooch-holder

    Brooch Holder

    Filigree Size: 5cm x 7cm
  • multifilla-silver-string-5mmultifilla-silver-string-5m
  • multifilla-brooch-clip-with-plate-4pcsmultifilla-brooch-clip-with-plate-4pcs

    Brooch Clip with Plate – 4pcs

    Size (Plate): 2.3cm (Diameter)