Amaco Gloss Decorating Colors for Bisque & Majolica-Leadfree GDC Series – 2oz


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Size: 2oz/59ml



For Majolica Technique- Cone 05

Gloss Decorating Colors (GDC) are developed to produce the Majolica technique made famous by Italian Faience and Dutch Deflt ceramic artists. Apply GDCs directly over an unfired opaque white glaze  – you will not need a clear covering glaze because colors will fire glossy and assume the smooth surface of the white base glaze. Recommended firing temperature is  Cone 05 (1911 deg F, 1044 deg C).  Other methods of use include applying GDCs over other color Cone 05 glazes; applying directly to a Cone 04 bisque, then clear glazed and fired to Cone 05 or applying over a high fire white glaze such as HF-11 on Stoneware and firing to Cone 5 (2205 deg F, 1207 deg C). Some colors may shift slightly in the latter method.


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