Photo transfer

  • multifilla-a4-heat-shrink-sheet-whitemultifilla-a4-heat-shrink-sheet-white

    A4 Heat Shrink Sheet- White

    Size: 30cm (L) x 21cm (W)
  • 60cdca71-c50e-4121-8c48-49b9c8641a5e60cdca71-c50e-4121-8c48-49b9c8641a5e

    Aluminium Angle Bar

    Coating bar, Emulsion spreader Length: 10cm, 15cm, 20cm and 32.5cm
  • multifilla-decal-papermultifilla-decal-paper

    Decal Paper

    Water Slide Paper, Transfer Film, Photo Transfer Paper Size: 32cm x 45cm
  • multifilla-decoart-ink-effect-logomultifilla-decoart-ink-effect-logo

    DecoArt Ink Effects 1oz

    Color transfer paints, iron-on paints, hot press decal paints, DIY fabric decal 1oz/29ml
  • multifilla-laser-print-heat-transfer-foil-5pcs-anglemultifilla-laser-print-heat-transfer-foil-5pcs-angle

    Laser Print Heat Transfer Foil 5pcs

    Heat transfer foil, Laser foil transfer, Gold gilding glue transfer, Decoupage gold gilding Size: 21cm x 28.5cm A4
  • multifilla-light-box-sidemultifilla-light-box-side

    Light Box

    Size: 72cm x 34cm x 15cm (H) MDF lightbox single 61cm fluorescent light bulb 20W x 220v
  • multifilla-lino-rollersmultifilla-lino-rollers

    Lino Roller

    Brayer, Paper Roller, Inking roller, Printing roller Size: 5cm, 10cm, 15cm and 20cm
  • mdf-waresmdf-wares

    MDF Wares

    Decoupage wares, Photo transfer signage, Decorative wares, Folk art wares, Diorama display Sizes approximate variations in designs & sizes permitted.
  • mf-99-multifilla-mdf-square-beveled-edge-top2mf-99-multifilla-mdf-square-beveled-edge-top2

    MF 99 Square Beveled Edge 14cm x 14cm

    Display base, Decoupage art, Decorative art base. Size: 14cm x 14cm x 9mm(T) Sizes approximate variations in designs & sizes permitted.
  • multifilla-h2o-covercoat-group-logomultifilla-h2o-covercoat-group-logo

    Multifilla H2O Covercoat Varnish

    Waterproof film, Flexible film, Transfer film, Sneaker art covercoat, Anti rust film, Aftermarket decal film, Clear varnish, Gloss varnish 100ml…
  • multifilla-mf-photo-emulsion-with-sensitiser-groupmultifilla-mf-photo-emulsion-with-sensitiser-group
  • sheepswool-spongesheepswool-sponge

    Sheepswool Sponge

    Natural sea sponge, Rubbing sponge Size: approx. 4" - 5" diameter