Amaco LG-10 Clear Transparent Glaze (1gal)

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Size: 1 gallon/3.78L

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(LG) Low Fire Gloss

AMACO® Gloss Glazes fire to a smooth, glossy finish at a witness Cone 05. Always slow fire lead free glazes for best results. AMACO® Gloss Glazes flow slightly during firing to a high gloss finish, while correcting most application imperfections.

•Great for enhancing texture
•Vibrant colors
•Glossy surfaces ideal for utilitarian pottery
•Shown on White Clay
•Cone 05
•LG-10 is our most popular Clear Glaze for studios!

For hand brush application in 3 coats onto earthernwares cast from T22 slip clay or on HB2 handbuilding clay without crazing.  When applied over velvet underglazes and fired, it intensifies the colors.

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