Batik Wax

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Size: 350g nominal

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Blended wax for batik designing. Melt in aluminium pot and fill with tjanting. Penetrates fabric well and seal against color migration. Also use as a resist wax in block printing of batik design on fabrics suited for batik. Traditionally beneath the cloth banana leaves are laid as a resist and for the spongy effect to ensure a complete waxed print transfer.

Do not need to add damar as wax is blended with it. This wax is tacky and perfect to polish matt sealed leather edges manually or better with a mechanical buffing wheel dressed with this wax. Should a harder edge polishing wax is required use carnauba tung oil wax block. Batik wax is also use to wax polyester woven thread that will not slip in diamond prong punched holes in leather hand sewing. A diamond or triangle needle  for grip tight hand sewing if without a diamond prong punch. Use book binding cotton thread waxed till tacky to ensure tight non slip binding.

In prolong heating of batik wax it will thickens and best dilute with vegetable soy wax or palm stearic wax in melting pot to desired liquidity for better penetration into the cloth fibres in wax stamping. Soywax is 99.9% soy oil thus assisting flow penetration.

Please note batik wax is cast the traditional way and sizes and shapes might vary. Its block weight is approximately 350g +-

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